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The fig tree is the world’s oldest cultivated species. The fruit, an actual flower, requires pollination and will not ripen if picked too soon. The tree must be pruned to gain strength. The fig tree has nourished and sheltered people and nature throughout time.

I launched Fig Tree Financials to utilize my financial markets' expertise to help alleviate the natural apprehension people have about managing their finances. I offer exceptionally personalized service and work to develop open and ongoing dialogue. I am acutely focused on explaining the practical applications of balancing risk/reward with prudent asset management. I believe strongly in the dictum: when you have the ability to help, you have the obligation to help.


I am a decades-long professional and student of the markets and appreciate the value of consistency and transparency in helping clients attain their objectives. I understand resilience and the value of an individual’s history – their story.

James Manfredonia

Registered Investment Advisor

FINRA Series 7 / Series 65

Charles Schwab Custodial Services 

“Train up a fig tree in the way it should go and when you are old sit under the shade of it.” – Dickens​



Fig Tree Financials specializes in building tailored investment plans to meet your financial wealth goals.


I will help you develop a Financial Roadmap for:

  • Cash Management

  • Investment Strategy / Literacy

  • Education Funding / 529 Plans
  • Divorce Proceedings
  • Life Insurance Reviews
  • Retirement Planning​
  • Trust and Estate Planning

  • Long Term Care Insurance 

  • Preparation of the unexpected



I view my services as those of a personal CFO. I offer clear comprehensive guidance and individualized communication -- essential components to a successful long-term strategy. I have managed assets for individuals, institutions and non-profits, and study every aspect of a client’s financial profile to determine the steps necessary for economic well-being.  I have an insider’s view of the financial industry, access to exceptional resources, and the benefit of independence without being subject to organizational pressures regarding investment choices, institutional conventions, or opinion. My clients benefit with fees that are low, stable and where savings compound over time. 



My analysis of investments begins with measuring the value of an entity’s assets, balance sheet and cash flows. I believe that price matters when determining a commitment. My decisions are deliberate, and I focus on providing the safety of principal with positive returns. Creating dividend income – compounded over time – is a core principle of my philosophy as is the opportunistic use of fixed income investments. I seek growth at a reasonable price.



I have run businesses at major investment banks overseeing revenues reaching hundreds of millions of dollars and as an entrepreneur, have advised scores of companies from numerous industries. As an educator, I have seen the remarkable resilience of our younger generations adapting to crucible moments in the world around them. I try to help them respond to change with intention rather than anxiety.


I help my clients develop their financial knowledge through ongoing lessons, open dialogue, and access to valuable resources.



My focus is to manage risk through periods of exuberance and fear and to prepare for the unforeseen. Guided by the teachings of Benjamin Graham, the renowned value investor and Warren Buffet's mentor, I recognize that intelligent investing entails capitalizing on emotions rather than succumbing to them when markets behave irrationally. The investor’s primary interest lies in acquiring and holding suitable securities at favorable prices over the long term.

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